Select lettuce heads or bunches that feel heavy for their size. This means they have retained their moisture. Look for leaves that are firm and crisp. Avoid any lettuce that has dry, withered leaves on the outside. Check the leaf color. The more colorful the lettuce is, the more nutrients and healthful antioxidants the lettuce contains. Whether you are selecting a light, dark green or red variety, the color should be bright and intense. Avoid lettuce with brown or yellowed leaves.


Fill a sink with cold water, separate all the leaves of lettuce place them in the water and swirl them around. If the lettuce is a bit limp, let it soak in the water for 30 minutes and it will miraculously come back to life. Drain the water, turn on the faucet, and briefly rinse each piece of lettuce as you remove it from sink. If you have a salad spinner they work great to dry the lettuce if not place on clean dishcloth or paper towel and blot dry


Once lettuce is dry place on paper towel, then wrap paper towel around lettuce and slid into gallon size bag. Squeeze air out close, bag, and place in refrigerator.