When selecting beets make sure they show no surface nicks or cuts. If they’re sold with their tops on, the greens are always a good indicator of freshness as they show wilting very quickly.


Do not clean beets until ready to use. Wash beets with cool (not cold) water removing any left over dirt, cut the tops off leaving about three inches of leaves and then boil until tender. The skin will slip right off them. (Use latex gloves because the beets will stain your fingers)


Before refrigerating, separate the beets from the leaves. To keep the beets dry, store them and the leaves, unwashed, in separate plastic bags in the vegetable drawer. The leaves will last for only two to three days, but the beets can stay fresh for two to three weeks if sealed tightly.


There are many recipes available online for home canning beets if you find you have an excessive amount. Try Pick Your Own’s step by step guide to canning Pickled Beets.