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News… In 2016, we completed another wonderful  productive year. However, after 10 years of farming, we decided to move on. Aliabaad farm was sold  on 2/17/17 to two young people who will continue what we started in May of 2007. I wish them all the success and will post their information as soon as they make it available to us.

I would like to formally thank all of our supporters.

Please feel free to email me at ali@satways.com if you have any questions.

share sample Farm is open to visitors by advanced appointment only: TBD

Lamb for sale- Farm raised animals (grass fed and Grass finished) for sale at $3/lb . We are ahppy to assist you with a local a local butcher please contact us for details.

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For additional information please contact us at 301-980-3319 Monday – Friday for appointment or simply drop us an email at: ali@satways.com.



Aliabaad is located on 4040 Mills Road in historic Sharpsburg, Maryland (in the backyard of  historic Antietam Battlefield) only 25 minutes west of Fredrick and a short drive south of the Hagerstown Outlets.

In pursuit of a childhood dream the Aliabaad Farm was established, May 7, 2007. Through gradual and sustainable growth Aliabaad Farm is slowly expanding and continuing to offer quality items as well as meeting growing demands for fresher and tastier produce.

“We are taking small steps to expand our product offerings to people who are interested in fresh and organic products. I hope by taking the approach of quality first and quantity second we can continue to expand our circle of friends and customers while maintaining a high degree of quality,” says Ali Mohadjer, owner and operator.

Last year was a very rewarding year, we are grateful to our friends and customers who participated in our CSA Program and/or purchased our produce from super markets, as well as direct email orders. While this year we have been challenged with constant weather changes in our area, we feel confident that this will be another great year with our major additional expansion, the Visitor Center at the farm.
This year will be the 9th year of our farming; we are pleased to be ranked as one of the top quality growers in the state of Maryland (Washington County) and to be named Washington County’s Farm of the Year for 2013. Our goal is to continue our efforts in producing high quality produce during the entire year by planting various seasonal vegetables both in the field and in our green houses.

In the coming year we are striving to ease the purchasing process for everyone in four major ways:

CSA Program
The customer pays a flat fee for +16 weeks of harvesting (weather permitting). Read more about this CSA and join today!

Learn More! »

Email Orders
Simply email us your contact information and we will add you to our email distribution list for frequent updates about availability of products.

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Find our produce at local super markets:  Aliabaad Farm Visitor Center, Wholefoods, Yekta!
Visitor Center Directions
We have a produce stand and visitor center at:
4040 Mills Road
Sharpsburg, MD 21782. 

Hours of Operation: by appointment only. Please call 301-980-3319 or email us at ali@satways.com

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CSA Program

2017 CSA (Co-Op) Registration start in Feb 1, 2017
Please check back with us in 2017 for the details of our 2017 CSA program. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

How does your CSA work?

Regular Season (May through October): The growing season provides approximately +16  weeks of fresh produce (weather permitting). Every week you will be allotted enough fresh fruits and vegetables to feed a family of four. At the beginning of every week an email will be sent out telling you what will be available for harvesting so you can be aware of what to expect to receive that week. You pick up your produce once a week at Aliabaad Farm or we can drop your order off in a mutually agreed location. Produce is picked the same day you arrive or on the same day we deliver. In addition to your weekly produce allotment, you may also be eligible to receive a dozen of our fresh organic eggs every other week!

All qualified CSA participants are welcome to volunteer to work on the farm in order to learn more about the process of growing.

How much produce will I receive each week?

Every week you will be allotted enough fresh fruit and vegetable to feed an average family of four, plus you maybe eligible to a  dozen free-range organic eggs every other week.

Below you will find a variety of images taken by CSA members of their shares throughout the last couple years. Please use them as examples of share sizes and see the wide variety of produce you may receive each week.

Do I have to live in Sharpsburg to sign up?

Absolutely not! We deliver to Montgomery and Washington County. If there are 5 or more weekly CSA members, we will consider delivering to a mutually agreed central location.

How much does a full season CSA membership cost in 2016?

Weekly Membership: $TBD

Where do I send a payment?

Please make all checks payable to Aliabaad Farms and mail to: 4040 Mills Road Sharpsburg, Maryland 21782.

Can I split a share with a friend?

Of course! If you do not think you can use a full or half share, you may want to consider splitting your share with a friend or neighbor!

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating, please send your contact information to ali@satways.com or just call 301-980-3319

Please remember: Your early commitment will help us to plant accordingly.


Aliabaad farm offers a wide variety of produce and herbs as well as free range organic eggs! You can find our fruit and vegetables available to purchase at farmer’s markets, on the farm, or email us for a pick-up location! Don’t forget to join our CSA to get fresh vegetables all spring and summer!

Please select an ingredient below to see storage tips, preservation ideas, and recipes submitted from fellow CSA members!

Our delectable selection includes:



Beet Greens


Bell peppers

Bok Choy
(Chinese Cabbage)
Butternut Squash
cauliflowerCauliflower celeryCelery


Eggplant (Variety)
Green Beans

Hot Peppers
okraOkra onionOnion
radishRadish rhubarbRhubarb


Spring Onions

Tomatoes (Variety)

Zucchini (Variety)



(sold in market only)
sour plumSour Plums
(sold in market only)
sour cherrySour Cherries
(sold in market only)


basilPersian Basil
(Licorice Basil)

Persian Chives




Savory (Marzeh)


2017 CSA 10% Egg Discount
Become a CSA participant for 2017 season and receive of the following:

  1. 10% discount for every dozen of eggs you purchase.
  2. Free dozen eggs every other week during the 2015 season (when available May to October).

At Aliabaad Farm we raise chickens in a humane manner. We have over 300 chickens on our farm including many varieties. Our chickens are free-range and have access to a heated hen house with a large picture window to allow natural light at all times. While our chickens are mostly free range, they do receive a small amount of supplemental non-GMO feed.

Our eggs are NMO and are just $4.50 per dozen. CSA members for 2014 will receive a dozen eggs every other week along with their share. Additional eggs for CSA members is only $4.00 per dozen. In addition to organic eggs, we also sell stewing chickens. We do not butcher them on premises, but we can have them butchered for you with advance notice.

Please email us to learn about our drop off locations for our eggs and produce.


Aliabaad farm has been in the news all around the globe! Please take a look below at our farm’s media coverage. We are very proud of all that we have accomplished.

Aliabaad Wins Washington County, MD Farm of the Year 2013

The Washington County Department of Business Development, Agricultural Business Development announced that Aliabaad Farm in Sharpsburg is the recipient of the 2013 Washington County Maryland Farm of the Year award.

Read more about this victory at The Harold Mail »

Also read more at Wash Co’s Dept of Business Development »

cert-ag-signAliabaad Farm becomes a member of the Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program

Ali is a committed steward of the land and has implemented many best management practices on Aliabaad Farm including 1.2 acres of conservation crop rotation and 2.2 acres of cover crop. The farm also features 100 feet of pasture fencing and a high tunnel.

Read more at The Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts website »

Aliabaad In the Heart of Maryland, USA – by WIN Broadcasting

Vahid Zarghami visits Aliabaad Farm in Sharpsburg, MD. Ali Mohadjer’s plans for his retirement days has blossomed into a fully funtional farm that is bringing the flavors of Iran to shoppers in the DC area. Join WIN TV on a visit to Aliabaad!

مزرعۀ علی آباد واقع در مریلند آمریکا که به وسیلۀ علی مهاجر برای گذراندن ایام
بازنشستگی اش بر قرار شده
وین تی وی از شما دعوت می کند به تماشای آن بنشینید

Protesters Call for Eradication of Genetically Modified Food Production – by The HEAT

Correspondent Cui Lingnan explores why so many people are protesting against genetically modified foods and the companies that produce them.

مزرعه علی آباد در تپه های مریلند

گزارش پریسا فرهادی از علی آباد مزرعه ای در دل تپه های شارپسبورگ مریلند در آمریکا

org-into-retailOrganic Farm ventures into Retail

SHARPSBURG, Md. — “Aliabaad” roughly translates to, “The place that Ali developed,” and Aliabaad Farm took one giant step forward June 29 when founding farmer, Ali Mohadjer, cut the ribbon and opened his new visitor center and farm stand on Mills Road just south of Sharpsburg, Md.

Read More at LancasterFarming.com »


Farm Visiting Hours

Monday to Friday by appointment only!

We are closed during weekends and Holidays

Email: ali@satways.com

Phone number301-980-3319  (Monday to Friday)

Address: Aliabaad Farm 4040 Mills Road Sharpsburg, Maryland 21782


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